Some info about me.

No really, here it comes.

Just a bit more, I’m sure you can wait a little more.

Seriously? Still reading? Do you really think there will be info here? Or cake?

The cake is a lie. Go away!


So you really want to know?





Now that’s dedication.





Did I mention there is no cake?










Alright, but only because it’s you.

I’m Nils Ole Timm and was born in Flensburg, Germany on the 31st of December 1989. No seriously, I’m a real 80s kid I suppose. Anyway Flensburg is right next to the danish border and I grew up in a small village a few kilometers out from that already small city.

So I had a LOT of time on my hands and once my parents grew tired of my constant questions they decided to send me to PC courses at the age of 8. And that’s how my magical journey into becoming a mad gen… I mean decent programmer began. Since then I’ve been programming and am still loving it for some wicked reason.

I’ve always been interested in making and of course playing games and have done so ever since I started programming. The second thing I wrote was an ASCII Art dungeoncrawler I think. Of course I had some help with that. But in the end you could run around in a grid of extended ASCII characters and collect stuff. Back then most things were really cryptic to me. (If you don’t speak english, good luck figuring out what “clrscr” is supposed to do in Pascal.)

Of course I’ve learned a lot since then and I am now going to university in berlin to get a bachelors degree in computer science and maths. Besides that I am enjoying to play any kind of game really, not just computer games, and especially the game of go, which is an ancient bord game from asia with an incredible strategic depth to it.

To earn some money and experience I work at Fraunhofer FOKUS(Formerly FIRST) in Berlin as a part-time job. I’ve learned a great deal of things there.

That really is most you need to know about me. Not very exciting, but did you really come here for excitement. Also there is cake after all.

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